How To Construct A Pergola Hot Tub Attached To Your House

07/30/2016 12:17

Pergola hot tub is a magnificent architecture that is able to make your house look wonderful, elegant and rich of detail. Besides its prominent functions as hot tub, this architectural site should also emphasize on its look. Therefore adding some beautifying details is important for the pergola hot tub. But the problem is that constructing pergola hot tub really difficult to achieve. There are many aspects that should be considered in order to achieve this architectural site.

Leave alone the hot tub, making pergola is not a piece of cake either. Moreover you should make outdoor hot tub that is not easy task. However the result will be really amazing for your house. It is even also be able to increase the value of your home. By mixing between pergola and hot tub you may be able to find new place to entertain yourself in your own home. Pergola hot tub is able to serve as a place to socialize whether between your own family or your colleagues and guests. Well my advice in order to build this great architectural is only to prepare a lot of budget because constructing pergola hot tub in a house is not really cheap.

First thing that you need to prepare to construct a pergola hot tub is the outdoor space of your home. Measure it carefully and then you can start to make the plan for the pergola hot tub. The hot tub should be at least 3 meters away from any overhead power lines and 1.5 meters from the spa panel. It is done in order to avoid the water and electricity does not mix. Then you may come with this question: Which one I should make first? Will it be the pergola or the hot tub? Well to make things easier you can start with making the hot tub and the pergola afterwards. Because of some cities need permission to have outdoor hot tub, you should check whether you need the permit or not.

Hot tubs need firm foundation to avoid damaging it. When it is full the hot tubs will weigh as much as 3,000 lbs. You need to pouring concrete into 3 to 3 inch thick pad to make solid foundation for your hot tub. After you install the hot tub you can create the route for its power. Because of most of tubs in these modern day are self-contained you do not need to run any plumbing to make the tub full. If you are doubt with your capability in installing electricity device you can ask the expert to do it to keep the safety for your hot tub in the future.

After the hot tub was finished now you can start your project to the pergola. The most important thing to build the pergola in the top of your hot tub is to be careful so that it will not damage anything under it. You can start with digging the post holes below the frost line. To do this you should know the frost line in your area so that the foundation of your pergola will be sturdier. Make the suitable space for the posts of your foundation. Make sure you do not disturb the way in and out of the hot tub. For the roof of your pergola it would be better if you make also make space between the joists. Then you can start to decorate your pergola with various plants and any other accessories that may look more natural. The atmosphere of elegant garden with hot tub will be able to achieve if you are able to make the balance between then plants and the structure of pergola hot tub.

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